Civic Resilience and the COVID-19 Crisis (Part 2 of 2)

Video recording from Day 2 of the Bottom-Up Resilience Webinar

Learning from Civil Society and Civic Resilience

“[A]s the pandemic spread, the government’s one-size-fits-all directives could not respond to the detailed needs of all sectors of society,” said Yang Bao and Shuyun Cao.

“There was no money involved; transactions were just purely made on trust and generosity within the community Facebook group,” said Mateo-Babiano.

Volunteers from Life Cycles PH together with the donated bicycles. (Photo courtesy of Life Cycles PH)

“It keeps these efforts going. Some of us may fall out because of fatigue but I think others will be interested to help,” said Tessa Maria Guazon.

“[A]s an organizer I always go back to solidarity as a solution,” said Michelle Wong.

Volunteers gathered to receive instructions at the beginning of a night-time street count in Tokyo prior to COVID-19. (Photo courtesy of ARCH)

Barriers to Civil Society Responses

Unlike domestic helpers who can be seen in large weekend gatherings like these at the Taipei Main Station, many other migrant workers are mostly invisible from the public. (Photo by Jeff Hou)

Implications and Lessons for Planning and Design Practices

“[…] what we have thought of as the right solution, the right public space, may not really be the right one for the users,” said Mateo-Babiano.




Bottom-up urbanism is my thing.

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Jeff Hou

Jeff Hou

Bottom-up urbanism is my thing.

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