Civic Resilience and the COVID-19 Crisis (Part 1 of 2)

Cleaning workers in Hong Kong received masks from Fixing Hong Kong volunteers. (Photo courtesy of Fixing Hong Kong)
Video recording from Day 1 of the Bottom-Up Resilience Webinar

Pandemic Inequalities

Surgical masks were often washed and reused in Hong Kong by cleaning workers and elderlies at the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak. (Photo courtesy of Fixing Hong Kong)

“[F]ears of contagion meant that employers were largely unwilling to give domestic workers their weekly time-off,” said Cecilia Chu and Marta Catalán Eraso.

Tokyo’s Sanya neighborhood has been home to a concentration of day laborers and homeless populations. (Photo by Jeff Hou)

Organized Civil Society Responses

Volunteers handing out masks to cleaning workers in Tokwawan, one of the poorest areas in Hong Kong. (Photo courtesy of Fixing Hong Kong)
Migrant organizations in Hong Kong played a critical role in community self-help among the migrant workers during the COVID-19 crisis. (Photo by Jeff Hou)
The lobby space of one of the tourist hotels operated by YUI Associates. (Photo by Jeff Hou)

Emerging Mutual Aid and Community Self-Help

Volunteers from Life Cycles PH together with the donated bicycles. (Courtesy of Life Cycles PH)

[1] Chong, J. (2020). LGBT activists are the unsung heroes on the frontlines of China’s fight against COVID-19 — Part 1, OutRight Action International, April 13, 2020.

[2] K.A. Mayuga (personal communication, September 11, 2020)




Bottom-up urbanism is my thing.

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Jeff Hou

Jeff Hou

Bottom-up urbanism is my thing.

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